This is us

This is us

“I can only think of three things of which I’ve
never heard someone makes themselves:
Pretzels, Marshmallows and Fish sticks” –
Max Goldt, Writer

This is what we do

We are sociable, creative and technically gifted. We have innovative know-how, technical skills, years of professional experience, graphic artists & craftsmen, workshops, printing machines, programmers and much more. Actually, there’s little we don’t have. Our team is always seeking companies and agencies that move with the times for the creation of flexible Pretzels, networkready fish sticks and walk-in marshmallows. Our strengths? We know what you need. Before throwing out an idea, come and visit us. While you’re enjoying our coffee, we’ll provide you with demand analysis, we’ll structure your goals and create concepts, ensuring a budget and goal oriented result in collaboration with our network of diverse service providers. After the excitement of a new briefing and discussing ideas, projects are then planned, calculated and executed. Your ideas will be produced in our workshop and implemented on location. We have a large pocket knife of possibilities at ours and your disposal, including our own printshop where we produce prints, patterns and special props. The best part is: we’ll provide all of this in a timely and flexible manner.

This is who we are

New Wave was established in Berlin by Felix Schmidt in 1999. Since then, it has grown from a solo venture to a medium-sized company. Our team consists of creative craftsmen, artists, graphic and product designers, strategists and planners – professionals from all sectors and walks of life with many years of experience in the film and television world, the event and exhibition sector, and the advertising market. From our cozy loft at Malzfabrik in Berlin Tempelhof, exciting ideas come to life. Our headquarters’ office is home to the best ideas and their execution, as well as excellent coffee accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere for our customers to express their wishes and ideas. We offer the ultimate branded solutions from show-stopping Window Installations to beautiful one-off pieces of Furniture to unique display solutions.

Printing and milling equipment and services

We work with a wide range of Materials, mainly Plexiglass, Forex, Wood, Makrolon, Paper, Foil, Textiles. If your material of choice isn’t on the list, don’t worry – we are happy to print on special materials, or materials provided by the client upon request.


MIMAKI UCJ 300 – 160

  • UV printer with cutting function and white printing
  • Print width up to 1.600 mm, depending on material
  • Printing on various materials, mainly paper and foils
  • Creation of vinyl prints, paper prints, labels, stickers


  • Flatbed printer with adjustable print head for different height materials
  • White print, primer function and clear varnish
  • Printing area 420 x 160mm
  • max. print height 152mm
  • Printing on various materials and objects, e.g. wooden cubes, cardboard, fabric, plexiglass, packaging

CFL-605 RT

  • Flatbed plotter
  • Contour cuts from paper / cardboard
  • Maximum cutting area 500 x 600mm
  • E.g. production of business cards and packages


  • Foil plotter
  • Contour cuts, from simple shapes to fine fonts
  • Large selection of foils available: Coloured matte/glossy foils, Metal foils, Neon, Structured, Fluorescent
  • Laminate weatherproof protective films in matte or glossy finish for outdoor use for any type of print
  • Reinforced laminate for floor covering / stickers

Upper Router / CNC Router

  • Laser
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • mainly wood and Plexiglass
  • maximum material size 990 x 590 mm

Our clients